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Product Description

Blueberry Hill is thrilled to have the Ogilvy Equestrian brand in our store. Ogilvy Equestrian products are proudly made in Canada and are produced with the highest and best quality materials and workmanship. This well-known horsewear product is being used across Canada and the United States and is branching out in Europe. The company makes a vast selection of horse products such as: half pads, baby pads, saddle pads, set-up curtains for barns, bandage flaps, as well as coolers, fly sheets and dog beds. Ogilvy’s products are created with the utmost care and precision for not only the hunter/jumper disciplines, but eventing and dressage as well. All saddle pads and half pads can be customized in your preferred colours…. pick from quilted fabric, suedes, pipings and bindings as well as basic embroidery.

Ogilvy half pads are made of high quality memory foam; it adjusts in many ways giving the best comfort and fit for your horse. Memory foam acts as a shock absorber and removes individual pressure points on your horse’s back. The memory foam inserts can be removed allowing the cover to be washed separately, keeping your pad looking brand new. The half pad cover is made from a suede-like fabric that eliminates friction and movement and combined with the 3D mesh transfers heat and friction away from your horse’s back and into the pad. Unlike most pads, Ogilvy saddle pads and half pads offer full wither relief, shaping to your horse’s conformation. The open tree in the half pads encourage horses to use their backs properly and develop their muscles.
Blueberry Hill also offers a demo HP!
Now customers can actually feel how superior this pad is
and how it makes a difference not only for the horse,
but the rider as well.
Half Pad Colours:
Suede Choices:
Navy, Greige (Light grey), Beige, White, Black. Chocolate Brown, Eggplant Purple
Piping & Trim Choices:
Any Colour